The president Kagame In a Vigil Night to Honor Genocide Victims

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:8/04/2019 11:11
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The president of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame attended in a Walk To Remember along with the First lady, Jeannette Kagame to the Amahoro National stadium based in Kigali where they spent a vigil night.

The Walk To Remember began from Rwanda’s parliamentary house towards the Kigali stadium where a night to remember camped. The president Kagame with First lady Jeannette Kagame joined a crowd gathered at the stadium to commemorate the Tutsis killed in the slaughter of 1994.

President Paul Kagame in the middle wearing black glasses

‘’ The arms of our people intertwined, constitute the pillars of our nation, our bodies and our minds bear amputations and scars, but none of us is alone, together we have woven the tattered threads of our unity into a new tapestry,’’ The president Kagame yesterday told the crowd gathered at the Amahoro National Stadium.

The crowd in the walk to remember

The walk happened yesterday Sunday, prior to an official opening ceremony of 100 days of a mourn for Tutsis killed in the genocide, marking anniversary of 25 years now.

Flame burn for the vigil night to remember

The Minister of Justice and Government envoy, Johnson Businge told the crowd that Rwandans have dozens of reasons for commemoration.
 ‘’In particular ways, we commemorate the genocide against the Tutsis happened in 1994, the genocide was done by close neighbors, who used to exchange with the killed cows and brides.’’ Johnson said, adding that, back in the years, Rwanda characterized by the culture of solidarity.

 In the night of remembrance 

The president of IBUKA, Dr. Jean Pierre urges French government to accept that they contributed to the massacre that blanketed Rwanda in 1994 and left shadow and darkens in the country.  

      President Kagame leading a crown for a walk to remember



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