Queen Cha Speaks out why she nearly quit music

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:3/04/2019 14:17
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Afro beat songstress Queen Cha says that she nearly lost courage to be a singing bird in 2013 owing to unnatural comments she read from newspapers criticizing her almost nude dressing picture taken by Paparazzi cameras.

Speaking to the journalists, the Ntawe Nkura hit maker confided that the majority of Rwandan female singers give in their singing talents due to fear of negative criticism from the public who still believe in primitive stereotypes about women.

 “It’s not that our brothers are more talented than us, in fact we got some super talented female artists but the problem is they still lack courage to showcase their talents fearing of what the society might judge about them in line with their work.” the singer replied.

Queen Cha
Queen Cha poses in a picture

“I almost left music industry when I woke up in the morning reading weird comments on my pictures taken while performing in some bar yet I had dressed purposely for stage,” she recalled.

The incident happened in 2013 when Queen Cha was performing in a hangout bar, Relax Bar and Resto in Kigali. She was wearing a legging with a white nicker which was single handily picked by paparazzi cameras.

Early this year upcoming songstress Marina was pulled off the stage while performing. Later she declared that she was pointed a finger in accusation of dressing unsuitably.

“Being a perform asks you to do things like dressing in skimpy outfits, performing in bars late at night and as a female, this might draw negative comments which might damage you mentally and even cost you a career” Queen Cha added.

Press here to watch Ntawe Nkura by Queen Cha

However, the government of Rwanda has started various campaigns that include ‘He For She’ to empower females in every sector including entertainment industry.


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