Meddy’s Slowly hits more than 10 million views on YouTube

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:3/04/2019 11:29
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US-based Rwandan R&B king’s hit goes viral on YouTube, it currently has more than 10 million views.

As Rwanda sees a fast development in this decade, the majority of Rwandans adopted to the use of social media habit leading them to stay connected on internet on daily basis. YouTube is one of the favorite social platforms for the residents in Rwanda. This fact gives a privilege to musicians to showcase their talents through videos. "Slowly" a soulful ballad is becoming a global hit thanks to fast increase in viewers on the video streaming channel.



Within nine months of its release, the video already garnered more than three million views, the highest viewership so far for a single song by the ‘Burinde Bucya’ hit-maker. The video clip follows in the tradition of Meddy’s reputation for high quality videos that usually accompany his equally soothing love songs.

What sets ‘Slowly’ apart from Meddy’s other songs is the fact that he sings in English for the most part, with just a bit of his mother tongue. This seems to have come as a relief to the singer’s legion of fans in Rwanda and beyond, who have always confessed their love for Meddy’s earlier songs in Kinyarwanda.

When he dropped the video for ‘Nasara’ in late 2013, it garnered a million Youtube views within months of its release, setting a local record.

Click here to watch Slowly hit by Meddy


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