Yvan Buravan has completed 12 performances in his tour across Africa

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:25/03/2019 10:59
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Burabyo Yvan known as Buravan has completed his African tour with the help of his band and team. He performed in 12 countries across Africa as one of the rewards included in his 'Prix Découvertes' he won in 2018. He began his tour in Bamako, Mali, and ended in Luanda, Angola.

On 8th November 2018, Buravan was announced as the winner of 'Prix Decouvertes RFI 2018', a prize that is provided to African outstanding musicians by the French radio, RFI. The winner is awarded €10,000, plus a sponsored tour across Africa and the biggest performance in Paris France, where they hand the prize to the winner. 

Buravan toured in 12 countries of Africa from 20th February to 23rd March 2019.Yvan Buravan is returning in Rwanda to join Rwandans in the 25th commemoration of genocide against tutsis. After this, Yvan Buravan will head to Paris for his grand performance and his 'Prix Decouvertes' will be handed to him.

While in Angola, Yvan Buravan told INYARWANDA that he was pleased with all the 12 performances which made him gain a lot of experience. "Performing live in 12 countries in a short period of time is not that easy but it makes one gain experience; it is a pleasure for a Rwandan artist to do this and I am hoping I should not be the last." he said.

Buravan and his team are back in the country



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