Gentil misigaro blessed a lot of people during ‘HARI IMBARAGA Concert’

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:11/03/2019 15:53
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Gentil Misigaro,one of the Rwandese greatest gospel artists in who has been living in Canada for 15 years, has performed this Sunday 10th March 2019 in a concert he named ‘Hari Imbaraga’. He introduced his fiancé and invited concert goers to attend their wedding.

'Hari Imbaraga' concert took place on Sunday, 10th March 2019, at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village (KCEV), known as Camp Kigali, which had about 2,000 people. The congregation was blessed by different entertainers such as Shining Stars, Alarm Ministries, Bosco Nshuti, Aime Uwimana, Evan Jarrell, Adrien Misigaro, and Gentil Misigaro himself.

Gentil Misigaro told the INYARWANDA  that God did wonders because what he expected to happen multiplied. He said: "It's beyond my expectations because it had been a while, people liked my songs on social media but now it was a surprise that they knew almost all my songs." He also said that the reason why he named his tour ‘Hari Imbaraga’ is because this sentence is included in all his songs featured on the album called ‘Muri Munsi’.

Some of the songs he performed are: ‘ Hano Ku Isi’, ‘ Buri Munsi’, ‘Biratungana’ , 'Hari Imbaraga' among others.He also sang different songs with his sister Gentille in this concert, which was enjoyed by a lot of people.

Gentil singing with his sister Gentille 

In the middle of the concert, Gentil introduced his fiancé Mugiraneza Rhoda, and took the opportunity to invite everyone in his concert in their wedding ceremony which will take place on 16th March 2019. The church ceremony will take place at New Life Bible Church.

Gentil Misigaro performing along with his brother Adrien Misigaro

The congregation who attended the concert