BELGIUM: Bruce Melody arrived the same day of the concert and surprisingly slayed a live performance

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:11/03/2019 13:35
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On Saturday 9th march, 2019, Bruce Melody and Dj Marnaud held a concert in Belgium. Bruce Melody, who left Rwanda Saturday morning, arrived in Belgium on the same day of the concert, but this did not stop him from performing a live concert even without rehearsals.

Bruce Melody left Kigali on Saturday morning, 9th march 2019 for a concert in Belgium. There was already a musical band that had already rehearsed his songs, which made it easy for him to perform live even though he didn't have time to prepare for the concert due to a delayed visa. 

This concert which was entertained by Bruce, and DJs Marnaud and Princess Flora. Bruce Melody will leave Bruxelles for Paris where he is going to have another concert on 16th March 2019.

Click here to watch Bruce Melody's concert in belgium