"God gave me the blessing of a baby before marriage." Young Grace - VIDEO

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:11/03/2019 9:52
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Abayizera Marie Grace, a female rapper known as Young Grace, announced her pregnancy during an interview with This rapper not only revealed the baby’s father but also one of the names she is giving her baby.

Young Grace who got engaged on 19th September 2018 to her boyfriend Pique said she is pregnant and that the baby’s father is her fiance Rwabuhihi Hubert [Piqué]. When asked about far she is into her pregnancy, Young Grace said she wouldn't mention it. She als osays that one of her baby's name will be 'Diamante' and other names will be added when it is born.

Young Grace says she is delighted to have a baby, which is why she wasn't shy to announced her pregnancy. When asked about her wedding, she responded that the wedding is in plans but that she is now taking care of herself in pregnancy, the wedding will come after delivery. Young Grace was asked if her pregnancy is not going to put on hold her music career, she said that it is not going to, but her priority is to take care of her pregnancy first because she is so excited about it.    

Young Grace