Thoughts of Rwandan female celebrities on International Women’s Day

Author: UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace
On:8/03/2019 14:12
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8th March of every year, the world celebrates women and their rights. This day was adopted by the United Nations in 1975, Rwanda celebrates along the nations of the world. Rwandan female celebrities have shared with us their thoughts about this day.

Rwanda has made a great progress in the improvement of women’s rights and the government is so much committed to ensuring the equality between women and men. Women were not left behind in the sectors of entertainment like cinema, music, comedy, to name but a few. We talked to some of the prominent women in the entertainment industry and they shared with us what Women’s Day means to them, as well as the message they would like to share with other women around the world.

Uzamberumwana Oda Paccy aka ‘Ibyatsi’ hit maker


Paccy is one of the few women who dared hip hop, a genre that is mostly regarded as street style. She says that Women’s Day reminds her of the power of women. She says that women should remind themselves that they are able and that they should get in the path towards development. “This day is for women to remember their power. It is time to think about our development and the development of our country. What I can tell other women is that we should get up, dare to work and expand our horizons”. Paccy.

Ingabire Butera Jeanne d’Arc aka Knowless


For her, Women’s Day means women claiming their power after previously being left behind in different sectors of life. She is delighted that 60% of the members of parliament are women, which shows how much women are needed in the development of the country. “Women’s Day means a lot of things. It means women have claimed their rights because in the past, women were left behind and their rights were violated. This day should remind us to maintain that legacy by working hard to uplift our community.” Knowless.

Uwitonze Clementine aka Tonzi


Tonzi is one of the women in gospel music. Songs like ‘Humura’ made her win many gospel lovers’ hearts. “Women’s Day is a beautiful day. I want to start by wishing a good day to all the women in general. This is meaningful day because God gave us so many other days but this one is particularly for women. I want to encourage women to have love, a helping hand, forgiveness, patriotism and love of work because when we responsibly do our work; its fruits reach to others too.” Tonzi. She says that she will be celebrating the day with people woth disability at a Made in Rwanda workshop taking in Hotel des Milles Collines from 09: am to 09:00 pm.

Mugemana Yvonne, known as Queen Cha in music


Queen Cha is also happy that women were empowered in different sectors. She says that this made women feel more confident. “This is a day we are very happy about! Women now have a voice, which made many feel more confident on the path of development. The message I would love to give to young girls is striving for greatness and fighting for their dignity in society.” Queen Cha.

Buzindu Allioni


Allioni is signed under Decent Entertainment; she thinks Women’s Day is a day she cherishes because it dignifies a woman. “In early days, women had no voice. They thought women could not have constructive ideas, she was always left behind; she could not get education but now, she is heard, she can study, she can be a leader” This day also reminds her of women’s compassion, and she also thinks women do not need to abuse that opportunity. She says that they should believe in themselves, be ambitious and kind.

Mukankuranga Marie Jeanne known as Mariya Yohana


She is legendary in songs like “Intsinzi” thanks the government of Rwanda for dignifying women. She says that the ministry in charge of women should be dancing and celebrating because of all the achievements it has. “We should forgive our ancestors; it was not them, but the circumstances of their societies that did not allow women to have a voice.” She says that widows who get involved in fornication spoil the reputation of women.


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