Bosco Nshuti releases the music video of his song “Umutima” he wrote in guidance of the Holy Spirit

Author: UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace
On:28/02/2019 14:28
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Bosco Nshuti known for his song ‘Ibyo Ntunze’ released a music video of his song “Umutima”. He says that he wrote the song after talking with the Holy Spirit.

Bosco Nshuti who is well known in the gospel music industry told that the message in his song ‘Umutima’ was given to him by the Holy Spirit.  The main message in his song is comfort to the heartbroken. He said “I got this message from the Holy Spirit to comfort the broken hearted and let them know that only God can heal”.  

We also asked him whether this song was produced before or after signing to work with Mugabe Sam as his manager. He replied that the song was an ongoing project when he signed to work with Mugabe Sam. When asked about his projects ahead, Bosco mentioned that he plans to have a concert this year, September 22nd.    

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UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace


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