Niragire Marie France starts her movie project she named ‘Little Angel’

Author: UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace
On:20/02/2019 15:26
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Niragire Marie France well known in the Rwandan movie industry as Sonia started a new movie project she called ‘Little Angel’. Its message is mainly based on how to find out your talent and how to forgive those who did you wrong.

Niragire Marie France is one of the women who were successful in cinema in Rwanda. She told Inyarwanda about her preparations on her project ‘Little Angel’ starring herself. She says it was written based on different neglected talents like music and dance, journalism, modeling, and the like. This movie has a message of forgiveness as well, especially those who were hurt or still carry wounds of the past. Marie France is also carrying out trainings for upcoming movie actors from this Friday up to Thursday of next week with the help of other movie actors who are already in the industry.

The first season of this movie ‘Little Angel’ will be shot in a period of 3 months and after that it will be put on the market. 40 characters will be participating and the number will increase as the movie continues. She says that for now she is not in position of mentioning the movie’s budget because it might increase when the movie takes long.


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