Ambassadors of Christ Songbird, Sarah Makes a Colorful Bridal Shower in Style

Author: Tony Karera
On:6/07/2018 15:02
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The Ambassadors of Christ choir songbird, Sarah Sanyu Uwera surprised with friends in a colorful bridal shower.

11 years singing in the Ambassadors of Christ Choir, Sarah released a wedding invitation as she is tying the knot with Aime Kayumba.

Sarah Sanyu Uwera

The gifted songbird has publically revealed a face of the man whom she for so long dreamed of. She looks to share happiness and pain with Aime Kayumba after tying the knot.  

In the wedding invitation released, is written ‘’ Things just go real, Sarah Uwera and Aime Kayumba we are tying the knot.’’

Sarah Sanyu Uwera

Sarah Sanyu Uwera

This year will leave Sanyu and Aime thrilled at their new home enjoying the life of a wife and husband. Their wedding plan is special because an introduction and dowry giving ceremony due to happen at a time on 22nd July 2018, then civil marriage will take place on 29thJuly.

Sarah Sanyu Uwera

 A close source to Sarah Uwera told that her wedding ceremony will be majestic and attractive.

Taking a walk back in times, Sanyu had a brother, Nelson Manzi, got married last year by 15th October. Nelson is on the other hand an Ambassadors of Christ talented songstress and married to Eunice Irakiza.

Sarah likes paying visits to friends and help them in time of need. She is delighted to stay around he family and looks ways to help them out. Concerning singing career, she prefers the Ambassadors of Christ choir’s track dubbed ‘’ IMIRIMO YAWE MANA’’( English version simply means: Your deeds Dear God).  


Sarah Sanyu UweraSarah Sanyu UweraSarah Sanyu UweraSarah Sanyu Uwera

Sarah Sanyu UweraSarah Sanyu UweraSarah Sanyu UweraSarah Sanyu UweraSarah Sanyu Uwera


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