Uganda: Charly & Nina, DJ Pius and Radio & Weasel lauded by the mass of Mbarara Residents

Author: Tony Karera
On:1/08/2016 16:30
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Charly Nina, DJ Pius along Radio Weasel performed in a concert on Saturday, in Ugandan Western city of Mbarara which attracted the thousands of residents.

Rwandan singers, DJ Pius, Charly &NINA did the best of theirs to perform in front of over 30 thousand crowd of fans gathered at Kakyeka Stadium in the concert organized by Radio and TV West at Mbarara. Teamed up for a thrill, came from Kampala Radio & Weasel, Aziza, Azion, etc. These Rwandan artists were lauded.

Radio na Weasel

Radio & Weasel along Rwandan Charly & Nina and DJ Pius in crowd thrilling concert at Mbarara

DJ Pius found so many fans in this locality owing to his featuring song with Dr Jose Chameleon, ‘AGATAKO’. Not only DJ Pius was appreciated but Charly & Nina were also lauded by Rwandans living in that locality for their popular song ‘Indoro’ featuring Big Furious.

These Rwandan artists were invited for the concert at Mbarara due to their popular songs, learned. Fans were over the moon when DJ Pius turned up the stage and brought up Charly & Nina to perform their popular songs at Mbarara.

dj pius

DJ Pius on the stage at Kakyeka Stadium

charly na nina

Charly & Nina in front of thousands

Things heated up when Radio and Weasel stopped the music to call up Charly & NINA and DJ Pius on the stage to express their gratitude to Radio and TV West. “We thank you for having invited our sisters, Charly &NINA and our young brother, DJ Pius; these are the ones who receive and show us around the clean and secured Kigali when we go there.” Radio and Weasel said.

The original Kinyarwanda story by Emmy Nsengiyumva, translated by Constantin Rukundo


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