MP Jose: A Comeback in Classical Romantic Music

Author: Tony Karera
On:22/07/2016 16:51
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Its rare for an artist to compose a romantic song into Classic music which is usually known for Catholic Choirs. MP Jose is here to prove the different!

MWIZERWA Providence known as MP Jose; probably this might be the new face for you if you were not in the Former National University of Rwanda 3 years ago. MP Jose who was popular in the campus back then, has come back with his half classic-half pop album with his new song “Imnpanga”. Pastor P is the producer working with MP Jose on this album.  “I have chosen to work on my half classic-half pop album as my particularity and as music that has been neglected but loved by many”. Said MP Jose in interview with Inyarwanda. “Moreover, I am well skilled in classic music. Be it young or old people love this classic music, unfortunately, they don’t easily access to other classic songs composed in Kinyarwanda apart from only Gospel songs. As a result, I am working on my album composed of only classic love songs.” added MP.

MP Jose said that he hasn’t yet named the Album but songs will be in Kinyarwanda and French as well. For him, it is to facilitate people who don’t know Kinyarwanda but love classic music.

It is better to understand a language a song is composed in for better comprehension. Said, M.P. Singing in both Kinyarwanda and French will help appeal on local and international music market.

MP Jose took up music when studying at Petit Seminaire st Jean Nkumba in Burera district. From 2001 to 2004, MP Jose was a head of Brothers Sound, the school Orchestra. His first song, ‘JE JURE’ was out in 2007 when he was in University.

He kept on producing different songs one by one as days went on. He is now a music teacher at Agahozo Shalom Youth Village School situated in Rwamagana District where his specialty is Piano.

Fine-tuning his album instead of producing one song after another. His new song, IMPANGA will be one of the songs composed that album which is to be launched next year.

Listen to MP Jose’s song 'Impanga'

Original story by Christophe Renzaho, translated by Constantin RUKUNDO


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