Nzamwita De Gaule was ordered to resign from FERWAFA presidency or else will be called upon by FIFA

Author: Tony Karera
On:21/06/2016 14:00
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The leader of FERWAFA Mr De Gaule was asked to tender a letter of resignation in no more than 3 days fault of fraudulent errors.

Nzamwita Vincent De Gaule, through a letter of Augustin Munyadamutsa, was asked to resign from the presidency post of FERWAFA. Augustin is the chief of the SEC Academy, which has a team playing in the second division.

Augustin is taking De Gaule at fault of corruption in a deal that saw the start of a FERWAFA hotel construction. Currently, De Gaule is in court due to this fraudulent case, which embarked former FERWFA president Olivier Mulindahabi to jail.

Also, Augustin asks De Gaule to resign because he did not achieve most of the goals he set. On Radio 10 back years ago, Vincent De Gaule said that he’ll automatically resign if he does not start an U-15 Championship Division – which he has not. A copy of the letter is with Kigali Today.

In addition, Augustin reveals that De Gaule has been receiving money from FIFA for the national team support; however, the latter is supported by MINISPOC.

In his closing remarks – in the letter, Munyadamutsa urged De Gaule to resign in no more than three days or else he will face serious charges to FIFA.

Here is a copy of the letter:


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