TECNO released a new Smartphone whose camera can be mounted on a lens

Author: Tony Karera
On:16/06/2016 13:49
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The new TECNO Camon C9 is out, right after the the Boom J8.

The design and the mounting camera system at the back of the new phone are what make the bran new ‘Camon C9’ gorgeous to buyers.

These days, people no longer use cameras to take pictures; they use their smartphones’. In this regard, TECNO Mobile manufactured a phone that can help you do that [take pictures and record voices]. Its camera has a power of 13 Mpx and can be rotated at a suprising angle of 360.

Then, the cellular company added a side camera for more fun with pictures, near the Shut Down button. You have to press once to take pictures and twice for selfies.

Additionally, a lens can be mounted on the phone camera. The phone has a width of 3.5mm, 1.3 Ghz and 2GB RAM. The HiOs version if of 1.0 and Android 6.0.

However, the price is unknown still to us. If you want to have a TECNO Mobile cell, please do purchase a Camon C9.


Tony Karera


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    Your Commenti would love 2 see that phone it looks cool
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