Uncle Austin revealed who he is supporting in this PGGSS 6

Author: Tony Karera
On:9/06/2016 10:57
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Normally, journalists arent people who show their emotions or biases when it comes to picking sides in a given competition. However, journalist and artist Uncle Austin has shown who he is siding with in this years prestigious prize.

Uncle Austin, who has a great impact on the growth of Bruce Melodie since from the latter’s career start, has vowed he is with him all the way in this PGGSS 6 fierce competition.

Uncle Austin

Through his Facebook, he posted, “Every parent is proud of his child’s achievements… You had the courage to ask me for collaboration, and the very first time we met, we sang a song together with the production of Piano…I believed in you when no one did…When no ONE could play u on radio but now everyone does…The humbleness n a great talent in you deserves a CROWN.”

Austin’s FB post

He gave many accolades to the young artist and contender for the PGGSS 6 crown. Despite his fanatism, Uncle Austin may face criticism, as people by now know the side he is aligned on and may think that he will support it [the side he’s on] more than anything else.

Not lately did Uncle Austin show that he thinks Urban Boys deserves the prize as well because of their unmatchable skills. Using his Instagram, Uncle Austin said that Urban Boys have enough experience to take it [PGGSS 6 crown] home.

Uncle Austin’s comments come in time to only reiterate the competition between two powerhouses: Urban Boys and Bruce Melodie, who many people believe are favorites.

Uncle Austin’s Instagram post

Take a look here of Bruce Melodie’s Nyamirambo PGGSS performance.

Click here to watch the Urban Boys one – still in Nyamirambo.


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