Urban Boys sent a message out there during the Nyamirambo first live show

Author: Tony Karera
On:6/06/2016 13:57
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At their fourth time participating at the prestigious competition in five years, Urban Boys came in with remarkable, asserting their place as winners.

Through Till I Die and Tayali, Urban Boys put on a great live show this past Saturday in Nyamirambo for the PGGSS 6 road show in Kigali.

Urban Boys in action in Nyamirambo

Tumukunde Nadia and other Urban Boys fans did not hesitate during a talk with to come forth and claim that the crown is deservedly for Safi, Nizzo and Humble Gizzo, who make up the iconic group.

One of our journalists went forward to the after party that took place at Sun City still in Nyamirambo. Intriguingly, Safi was not there; he may have gone to rest while Nizzo and Humble G continued to party throughout the night with fans.

Humble Gizzo was escorted with his partner, Amy – an American. The latter said, “We were pleased with the fans’ reaction and joy. That is the reason why we will keep working for them.” She ended by saying that the fight has just started and that there is no turning point from there on.

Besides of Urban Boys, in the Nyamirambo PGGSS 6 live show, Danny Vumbi, Christopher, Bruce Melodie, TBB had many fans all night through and are thus contenders too.


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