Pastor Igiharamagara claimed to have been given HIV/AIDS cure by God

Author: Tony Karera
On:3/05/2016 17:32
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This woman who spent most of, if not all, her time praying to the Almighty, requesting for favors has come forward to reveal that God heard her and has given her the cure of HIV/AIDS. A fact of matter, as claimed by the Pastor, is that two people have already healed from the viral disease.

Pastor Igiharamagara is the head of a congregation named Ikidendezi Bethesda Banguka Yesu Agutabare located in Kanombe, Kigali. Her real name is Aline Umuhoza though many people like to call her Jesus’s daughter or Pastor Igiharamagara.

In a talk she had with a journalist of after the Bohoka service – that took place this May 1, Pastor Igiharamagara said that God finally gave her the cure of HIV/AIDS after praying to Him for seven full days.

Pastor Igiharamagara who was given the cure

She also told us that though God gave her the ultimate cure, she is not allowed to use it as request by God. However, she still prays to God in order to continue using the cure so as to heal people with the killer disease. Part of other diseases the Pastor prays for and heal is cancer and other incurable diseases.

Where did the name of Igiharamagara come from?

Prompted to answer why she is known as Igiharamagara, Pastor Aline told us that it is God who gave her for the instance when she was asking the HIV/AIDS cure to God. While asking, God initially refused, telling Aline that if she were to get the cure, she would be envied by people and die. At this, the Pastor told God that she do not mind to die whatsoever because God will still be God until the end of times; God laughed at her response and named her Igiharamagara, Jesus’s daughter.

“God called me the daughter of Jesus, His son, for my parents did not care about me at all and that helped me. When praying during the seven days, I asked God to heal incurable diseases in this world such as the likes of HIV/AIDS. God told me that I may die from this quest. However, I insisted and asked God to provide me the cure because of His glory; then, God laughed at my response and gave me the name of Igiharamagara. God gave me the cure of HIV/AIDS. In fact, I prayed and gave the cure to two people, who immediately healed afterward. God told me to stop using it for a while and will order me when to resume.” – Pastor Aline Umuhoza

God refused to give me the cure because some people have interest in the disease

Amongst those are white people who devise a way to manufacture medicines that reduce the viral power of the HIV/AIDS virus.

The pastor told us that she comes from a very affluent family though she is not part of it, as her father did not accept from when she was a little child. God told her that everyone who disappointed or hated her will soon be her friend. 5 years since she started her ministry have passed, and many people have abandoned their malicious behavior as stealing, sex working, etc. Not only that, but some people were healed from various diseases they had contracted. She wishes Rwandans nothing but love, prosperity and strong faith in God. She spends most of her time praying, and that is where she gets the power she had to heal.

Take a look at some pictures of the service Bohoka:

 P.S Igiharamagara is the Kinyarwanda word for the one who would sacrifice his/her life for a cause


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