Norwegian Sandra Stordahl sings the God’s Love with Rwandan Papa Emile (Song Video)

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On:2/03/2016 15:29
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Three years ago my sister and I did a song with Emile and since I was coming, this time we thought it was time to do a new one. - Norwegian Sandra about her new song "Hero" with Rwandan Papa Emile in QA with's Gospel Reporter.

“The song is about god's love, the one and only Christ Jesus, There's a hero named Jesus. He gave his life to me and each one of us. He is in every generation - it means God is timeless. He has always existed and will always do. He is in every generation now and meets us even if we are grownups or kids. He is in every single nation - it means God loves us exactly the same. He doesn't treat us different ways because we are from different nations. No, He loves us just the same. He loves every nation of the world. Even Norway and Rwanda, He loves both with the same love. He is in every situation - it means he cares for each one of us. No situation is too big for God. He can solve everything and He is a caring father in every situation we are facing.” She told Inyarwanda’s Gospel Reporter of an inspiration to sing God’s love in this new song ‘Hero’.

I.R: Who is Sandra? Are you a Christian? What is your Nationality? How is Rwanda according to you? Are you still single or not? Do you think… Rwanda can be native land to your children?

Sandra: I'm from Norway, so I'm a Norwegian. I really love Rwanda. It's like home to me. So I've been there three times so far, and I will be back for sure. I am single, but I'm definitely not in a hurry. I've told God that I may not marry anyone at all than to marry the wrong person. According to the song it's safe to say I'm a Christian.

Sandra Stordahl

Sandra Stordahl

Right now I am active in a 24/7 praying here in our town. We are praying for our city, our country and the nations. But mostly we are praying for a breakthrough in our city, Trondheim. It's not for just one Church; every church in town is welcome to join this. That's the most amazing thing about it. So hopefully in the future, God wants me in Rwanda. And if I one day will get married and have kids, I guess Rwanda is a good country for my kids. But I am always listening to God, and He is the one that I have to obey. So we will see what the future will hold. It's all up to him.

I.R: By the way, how old are you?

Sandra: I am 23 years.

 I.R: Who is the right person to you? Can a black man be your choice?

Sandra: The important for me is that he loves God and loves people. That he is humble and wants to serve other people. I don't know who's the one, but for be skin color doesn't matter.

I.R: What about a Rwandan guy?

Sandra: If I found the right one in Rwanda, I can for sure love him.

I.R: Who is your Favorite singer among Rwandan Gospel singers?

Sandra: Emile and I only have two songs so far. Hopefully there will be more. Eddie Mico and Papa Emile are my favorite gospel artists. Then I've heard some songs from GOGO, and she's great too.




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