Kenyan Gospel Singer Bahati praises the Beauty of Rwandan Woman, and plans to marry one

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On:15/12/2015 13:20
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For his first time in Rwanda, Bahati, Afrimma Awards winning Kenyan Gospel Singer was moved by the dazzling beauty of a Rwandan woman, and did not keep this secret to himself.

Bahati performed during the Groove Award Rwanda Ceremony last Sunday in Kigali Serena Hotel, and took the crowd into the heavens in his praise and worship songs.

Apart from cleanness, and open hands he witnessed on Rwandans, the 21 years old singer was moved by the beauty of Rwandan Ladies and he went on to avow that he want to marry one.


Bahati singing "Mama" at Groove Awards Rwanda last Sunday for Rwandan Radio and TV Personality Tidjala Kabendera

Asked by’s reporter how he did see his first performance in Rwanda, Bahati said, “My first performance was Ok, I was looking for to perform in Rwanda actually ever since I started singing and I think it was the best time, and surely I will come back. Rwanda is home; actually I think I will marry a Rwandese.”

Groove awards

Bahati dancing with a "Rwandan Lady" at Groove Awards Rwanda Night

You will marry a Rwandese? First of all, how did you see Rwandan ladies?

“They are beautiful, they are beautiful. If I say they are beautiful, trust me I mean it. There are some ladies that maybe God created on the evening: tired; but for Rwandan girls, God created them in the morning, still fresh and crafted them masterfully. When you see them, you see the difference with others.” Bahati said in Swahili, translated in English by the reporter.

Watch "Barua", Bahati's Music Video




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    it was a nice performance by Bahati

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