Is Rihanna in a secret relationship with car racer, Lewis Hamilton?

Posted By: Brigitte N.Kananura - On:30/07/2015
Rihanna who was said to be in a relationship with a famous footballer, Karim Benzema, is now in a secret relationship with a car racer, Lewis Hamilton, who is also known as Nicole Scherzingers ex.

This female artist, Rihanna, in her own words said that, she is in a secret relationship with this British car racing guy, Lewis Hamilton. She also added that, they have been together since May this year. So their relationship is kept a secret since they rarely see one another.

The secret lovers, Rihannna and Lewis Hamilton

On a recent notice, The Sun was able to announce that, this female artist called Lewis Hamilton and asked him to escort her at a Rock Music festival which will happen in September. She says they haven’t been time for them to sit and chat, so it will be a perfect time for them to hook up together and get to catch up.

It hasn’t been long that Rihanna has been heard of being together with a famous footballer, Karim Benzema. Same applies to Lewis Hamilton who broke up with his ex, Nicole Scherzinger, in February this year. So these 2 have quite a history.

Rihanna together with Karim Benzera

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