‘Sitya Loss’ of Eddy Kenzo is being driven to the top by American group Henhouse Powlers.

Posted By: Brigitte N.Kananura - On:16/07/2015
Sitya Loss of Eddy Kenzo is being taken to the roof tops by this American group-Henhouse Powlers. This is been done after the famous artist Eddy Kenzo winning an award in BET awards.

As a matter of fact, this American group is known of doing live music and it is so impressive seeing and hearing them doing Eddy Kenzo’s song.

This really shows where this singer has reached and it assures him how much work he has to do to keep the position and actually move more steps further.

Even though the Henhouse Powlers revealed a video singing ‘sitya loss’. The artist Eddy Kenzo hasn’t said anything yet. So let us wait to see the future of Eddy Kenzo.

look at their video doing the sitya loss.

listen to sitya loss by Eddy Kenzo

Brigitte N.Kananura


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