Akon continues his endeavors to empower his mother continent ‘Africa’

Posted By: Mutiganda Janvier - On:14/06/2015
Senegalese singer Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Bongo Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam, professionally known as Akon based in USA has launched different successful endeavors to empower his mother continent.

42 years old singer who is recognized in songs such as Mama Africa, among many, who was born in St. Luois Mossuiri as he quotes in his hit song ‘Freedom’ has initiated different project to support lives in Africa, and the latest launched project is ‘Akon Lighting Africa’.

Akon has engaged in numerous innovative endeavors that have spanned many corners of Africa. But he is tired of people associating Africa with a “charity case.” In an article in the National Journal, Akon boasts his home continent is “open for business.”

“I can be an artist … and make money. But I’m in a place where I’m gifted … and offered opportunities where I can make a difference and change lives.”

“I’m a businessman first, then musician,” he told Al Jazeera in a separate interview. “So why not make money and change lives at the same time?”He asks.

Akon in concert at Goma International Airport on Peace One Day

Akon’s projects to empower Africa date back in 2007 when he initiated ‘Konfidence Foundation’ through his music label Konvict for a mission to enhance confidence in Africa’s youth. The foundation started as an effort to provide African children educational materials, health services, a wider spread of learning resources, and a better recreational environment. Akon teamed up with Keri Hilson for the song, ‘Oh Africa,’ and donated part of the song’s proceeds – along with additional money made from touring – to the children.

Akon emphasizes the importance of education as a stepping-stone to success. “When we created the Konfidence Foundation, it was more so to find a platform to educate all these children so that they can have a better future with what’s left to develop in Africa,” he told Allhiphop.com.

Akon did not sit back and see African being devastated by civil wars, so he endeavored in supporting Peace One Day, an organization dedicated to promoting global ceasefire and non-violence founded by filmmaker Jeremy Gilley who wished to devote 24 hours in pondering and action of a simple yet profound notion: who will you make peace with?

Akon spearheaded the organization’s efforts in the Great Lakes region of Africa by headlining a concert that took place at the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Goma airport. His mass appeal was critical in delivering the event’s message via digital and televised broadcasts reaching millions. “I’ve performed at some incredible venues around the world, but nothing like this. The symbolism of having this concert at Goma International Airport, as a gateway to the rest of the world, is so powerful,” Akon said in a press release for Peace One Day.

Akon has recently launched his largest initiative to light for 600 million African inhabitants through his newly launched initiative titled ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ on which the singer has embarked on a mission one year ago to launch an initiative to provide solar powered electricity for millions of Africans who live their lives in the dark.

Akon talking about his new megaproject to light Africa at 2nd UN Sustainable Energy for All Forum in New York

After the sun sets, people cannot even see the person in front of them. It’s impossible to read or study. Akon’s initiative will allow Africans access to enough electricity to charge their phones at home, watch TV, and even procrastinate on doing homework late into the night.

So far, ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ has installed solar street lamps and household solar panels in millions of African households who have no access to electricity spanning over 14 countries. The sustainable initiative – currently approaching its seventh tour of lighting – is made possible by Akon’s established academy, which specifically trains locals in the installation of solar powered materials. With 320 days of sunshine per year, proper harnessing of Africa’s brightness is helping build an even brighter future.

Source: fusion.net

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