CECAFA Women 2018: Kayiranga speaks out as Rwanda upbeat Tanzania

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:20/07/2018
The senior coach of the Rwanda women national team Baptiste Kayiranga speaks out after one goal win against Tanzania.

In an interview with the journalists, the coach said that he was aware of underhand tactics of Tanzanian players before the game kicked off.

Kayiranga Baptiste umutoza mukuru w'Amavubi y'abagkobwa   aganira n'abanyamakuru

Baptiste Kayiranga

‘’ Regarding the game tactics I recognized strength and weakness of Tanzanian footballers thereupon, we pressed to lower their opportunity to win,’’ he said, adding that the Rwandese players were to make a comeback in case Tanzanian players would increase chance of netting a goal against Rwanda. 

Abakinnyi b'u Rwanda bishimira intsinzi

Rwandese players 

Tanzania became a holder of the best prize in the last tournament played at Jinja, Uganda in 2016. At that time, Rwanda was unable to make it to the final under the reign of Grace Nyinawumuntu.

On the first day of the tournament only two goals scored on both teams during the first round of the match. Mtuuzo Lilian helped Uganda win 1-0 against Kenya on the 7th minute of the game whilst Alice Kalimba of Rwanda won on the 34’.

Uganda bishimira amanota atatu y'umunsi

 Ugandans celebrated a win against Kenya


Thursday 19 July 2018

-Kenya 0-1 Uganda (Kigali stadium, 14h00’)

-Rwanda 1-0 Tanzania (Kigali stadium, 16h15’)

Friday 21 July 2018

-Ethiopia vs Uganda (Kigali stadium, 14h00’)

-Kenya vs Tanzania (Kigali Stadium, 16h15’)

Monday 23 July 2018

-Uganda vs Tanzania (Kigali stadium, 14h00’)

-Rwanda vs Ethiopia (Kigali stadium, 16h15’)

Wednesday 25 July 2018

-Kenya vs Ethiopia (Kigali stadium, 14h00’)

-Uganda vs Rwanda (Kigali stadium, 16h15’)

Friday 27 July 2018

-Ethiopia vs Tanzania (Kigali stadium, 14h00’)

-Rwanda vs Kenya (Kigali stadium, 16h15’).


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