CECAFA WOMEN 2018: Ferwafa Hands CAF A list of Rwandese WF players and their ages

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:19/07/2018
The women CECAFA challenge cup of 2018 is expected to kick off this Thursday, 19. Ten tournaments are due to be played at the Kigali stadium.

Kenya is facing off with Uganda on Thursday for an opening match starting at 14:00Pm, Kigali time.

CECAFA WOMEN 2018: Nimero zizaranga abakinnyi b’u Rwanda barimo uwavutse mu 1985 n’uwo mu 2002

Rwanda slated to battle against Tanzania at 16:15’ on Thursday and take a break until Monday, 23. Prior the game begins, Rwandan players were handed jersey numbers starting from number one to twenty.

Kalimba Alice kapiteni wa AS Kigali WFC

Alice Kalimba

The midfielder of As Kigali Fc, Alice Kalimba wears number 16. The midfielder of Scandinavian women football club and captain, Sifa Gloria Nibagwire clothes number 17. She is also captaining Rwanda’s women team.  

A goalkeeper of As Kigali and Amavubi WFC, Judith Nyirabashyitsi garbs number 18. An As Kigali WFC midfielder has number 7. Miliam Nyiransabimana gets number 20. An As Kigali center forward, Marie Claire Uwamahoro dresses number 10 and an only player, Dudja Umwariwase keeps outfitting her number 3.   

As Ferwafa released a list of Rwandan players some players are old enough to outperform in the championship. The eldest in the team is Helene Uwizeyimana who plays for As Kigali. She was born on 1/1/1985. Marie Claire comes second with 32 years old. The youngest player is Dudja Umwariwase, she was put to the earth on 1/12/ 2002.

Ferwafa released the full list of players and their ages

1. Judith Nyirabashyitsi (GK,18):01/01/1989

2. Helene Uwizeyimana (GK, 1): 01/01/1985

3. Joselyne Mukantaganira (DF, 12): 01/01/1994

4. Miliam Nyiransanzabera (DF,20):01/01/1990

5. Edith Umulisa (DF, 4):15/04/1987

6. Louise Maniraguha (DF, 19): 05/08/1993

7. Angelique Umwizerwa (DF, 14): 21/12/1994

8. Clementine Mukamana (DF, 5): 01/01/1990

9. Bertine Mutuyemungu (DF, 15): 01/01/1995

10. Immaculee Uwimbabazi ( MF, 13):01/01/1993

11. Sifa Gloria Nibagwire (MF, 17): 14/08/1992

12. Alice Kalimba (MF, 16): 01/01/1987

13. Jeannette Mukeshimana (MF, 7): 01/01/1991

14. Marthe Nyiramwiza (MF,6):30/11/1999

15. Marie Claire Uwamahoro (MF, 10): 01/01/1986

16. Anne Marie Ibangarye (FW,11): 01/01/1989

17. Dudja Umwariwase (FW,3): 18/12/2002

18. Liberathe Nibagwire (FW,9): 20/11/2000

19. Clotilde Ufitinema (FW, 2):01/01/1998

20. Beatrice Uwamahoro (FW, 8): 01/01/1994


Thursday 19 July 2018

-Kenya vs Uganda (Kigali stadium, 14h00’)

-Rwanda vs Tanzania (Kigali stadium, 16h15’)

Friday 21 July 2018

-Ethiopia vs Uganda (Kigali stadium, 14h00’)

-Kenya vs Tanzania (Kigali Stadium, 16h15’)

Monday 23 July 2018

-Uganda vs Tanzania (Kigali stadium, 14h00’)

-Rwanda vs Ethiopia (Kigali stadium, 16h15’)

Wednesday 25 July 2018

-Kenya vs Ethiopia (Kigali stadium, 14h00’)

-Uganda vs Rwanda (Kigali stadium, 16h15’)

Friday 27 July 2018

-Ethiopia vs Tanzania (Kigali stadium, 14h00’)

-Rwanda vs Kenya (Kigali stadium, 16h15’).


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