Young Riders Hoist Rwandan Flag Higher in Belgium

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:17/07/2018
Two Rwandan cyclists performed well during the Monday's intensified training named Zottegem-Strijpen.

The Rwandan cyclists still hoist a Rwandan flag higher in the sky since they mesmerized spectators on Monday while training to adapt in the new atmosphere of Belgium.

The riders Yves and Felicien outperformed in the Zottegem-Strijpen with a stone road and 88km made of 11 laps of 8km each. The race had 39 riders who participated in total, from Rwanda, Belgium, USA and Israel.

Performance overview

  1. Yves NKURUNZIZA came on the 7th place with 2h20’30s (1’44s after 1st rider)
  2. Felicien HAKIZIMANA came on the 20th place with 2h22’58s (4’12s after 1st rider)

The top 3 riders in this race were:

  1. SAVER Kasper (Belgium): 2h18’46s
  2. INGWERSEN Jacob (USA): 2h19’53s
  3. MELAMED Shahar (Israel): 2h19’53s.

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