Ngurinzira and Uwineza outperform at Duathlon race in Kigali

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:08/07/2018
Duathlon race attracted dozens of athletes and runners today. The championship looks to honor Liberation day that happens at every 4th July. Jean Baptist Ngurinzira comes on top while Hanan Uwineza wins the female round.

Triathlon is a game that combines three sections that include; Athletics, Cycling and Swimming. Besides, Duathlon comprises only two games selected from the three of Triathlon.

An hour, 6 minutes and 40’’ has given Uwineza opportunity to outperform in females while Ngurinzira covered the distance of 28.5kms in an hour and 5 minutes.   Kevin finished the second followed by Manzi Sam and Joel Cyasira.

Uwineza Hanan na Ngurinzira Jean Baptiste batwaye Duathlon Liberation Challenge 2018-AMAFOTO

Won the championship of the last year, Uwineza tells us about her strength and motivations to keep doing well.

‘’ I take the game as a training because I learned tactics of my opponent ( Theonestine). She is the best in cycling but when it comes to running I can leapfrog her, that’s why I concentrated on running’’ Uwineza says.

Uwineza Hanan mu gice cyo gusiganwa ku maguru

The athletes started running from the Makuza Peace Plaza building and passed by the Bank of Kigali, KCB-Ecole Belge – Beligium Embassy- Marriot Hotel- Soras- I&M Bank-Cok Pension Plaza and returned to the Makuza Peace Plaza house. At the beginning of the race, athletes made three rounds which completed 5.7 Km and other rounds rolled out until the completion of the total distance.

Mu ikoni riri hafi na La Bonne Adresse House ugana kwa Makuza Peace Plaza


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