30 Athletes Summoned for Duathlon Liberation Challenge Race in Kigali

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:06/07/2018
The Rwanda Duathlon race is kicking off this Sunday, 8th August, at the Car Free Zone. President of Rwanda Triathlon Federation tells us what it takes to take part in the race.

The athletes and runners are expected to tour the capital city of Rwanda, notably, in a place popularly known as ‘’Car Free Zone’’. The source confirms that at least 30 performers will turn up.

Triathlon: Abakinnyi 30 ni bo bitezwe muri Duathlon Liberation Challenge 2018 izabera muri Car Free Zone

The race aims at marking the Liberation Day that happened on 4th July 2018.

Triathlon is a game that combines three sections that include; Athletics, Cycling and Swimming. Besides, Duathlon  comprises only two games selected from the three of Triathlon.

Cycling and Athletics are randomly selected games for this weekend whereby performers have to at least cover 28.6km in total.  

The athletes will start running from the Makuza Peace Plaza building and pass by the Bank of Kigali, KCB-Ecole Belge – Beligium Embassy- Marriot Hotel- Soras- I&M Bank-Cok Pension Plaza and return to the Makuza Peace Plaza house. They will have completed 1.7km.

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At the beginning of the race, athletes have to make three rounds of the running track to achieve 5.7kms that will pave their way to begin another section of the game. They will have to swap the game because they will take bicycles to ride about 21kms and lastly make another round of 1.9km.

Mbaraga Alexis

Alexis Mbaraga

The president of Rwanda Triathlon Federation, Alexis Mbaraga speaks on instructions and what it takes to participate in the race.

‘’The championship is well organized. To get registered, you have to pay off Rfw5000. Then, come with all requirements involving a bike, running shoes and a helmet.’’ Alexis Mabaraga said.

 Regarding to the number of the registered Alexis believes that at least 30 runners and athletes will participate.

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