Mozambique Basketball Team Jets off in Rwanda

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:21/06/2018
The basketball national team of Mozambique jetted off in Kigali ahead of a friendly match against Rwanda national team of basketball.

The game intends to prepare Rwanda’s national team for outperforming in the world’s cup that will resume on 29th in Logos, Nigeria.

Ikipe ya MOzambique igera ku kibuga cy'indege mpuzamahanga cya Kigali

Twelve players and 2 coaches arrived in the country this Thursday. Their earlier arrival bids them to stay at the Mirror Hotel until the day of the match due on 25th.

On an opening friendly match Mozambique National team will face off with Rwanda on Saturday evening, 23rd, at the Amahoro national stadium. Another match is slated on Sunday also at evening.

Mozambique team lineup:Pio Matos, Orlando Novela, Ismael Nurmamad, Augusto Matos, Kendal Manuel, Ermelindo Novela, David, Canivete, Elvis Houane, Custodio Muchate, Octavio Magoliço,  Helton Ubisse, Inelcio Chire, Dercio Mula and senior coach, Iñaki Garcia and 2 assistants namely, Macome and César Mujui.

Mozambique baruhuka i Remera

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