Nelson Eyes to Rocket sky Sporting Culture in Rwanda

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:09/02/2018
The coach is currently intensifying training for the youth beginning from 5 years old on wards in a bid to build their career ism and love for Sporting

Chairing the Children & Youth Sports Organization, Mukasa says  he looks to  detect gifted sporting young people as his association  suggests.

Mukasa Nelson yahagurukiye gufatanya n’amashyirahamwe w'imikino kugira ngo siporo ibe umuco mu banaNelson Mukasa eyes to rocket sky sporting culture in Rwanda

‘’ Children & Youth Sports Organization is an umbrella that holds children and we are the bridge to link them with the sporting federations because we call them to participate in be it the Olympic games, Rwanda Ministry of Sports and Culture  just to name a few as an attempt to rekindle trust and honor of sporting in Rwanda and abroad,’’ said Mukasa who added that keeping children busy with games will also contribute to eradicating youth delinquency such as the use of drugs and the fight against HIV/ AIDs.

MU MAFOTO: "Car Free Day" ya 8 yanyeretse ikintu kinini-Mukasa NelsonChildren & Sport  Organisation gathered youth for car free day sporting 

Speaking to the journalists the coach implied that the forum is not just aiming at talent detection but bridging children to sporting federations.

“We are not an academy because we only prepare children for some months in vacation in order to attract federations to come and see new talented children.’’

Taking a walk back into history, the children & Youth organization on 28 November 2017 gathered number of Children in vacation under the name of children holiday program where at least 100 boys along with girls used to in the early morning attend intensified training depending on their favorite games including, football, basketball, swimming, fencing, karate, tennis and the like.

Despite the sporting sheme for that season came to an end two months later, it offered so many opportunity to them because diverse federations used to pay visits to the Amahoro Stadium where they were undergoing trainings.

It did not stop like that because parents wished that the program would be extended as they suggested that their children should attend the training during the weekend termed as Weekend Sport Program.

Mukasa Nelson niwe washinze ikitwa "Children and Youth Sport Organization" umuryango ufasha abana gukora siporo Nelson Mukasa, the founder of the Children & Youth Organization

According to Nelson Mukasa this association looks to expands wings to high schools whither they are anticipating to dig out many talents across the country. Unlike the Ministry of Education they also seek to welcome further organization in charge of defending children rights and promotion to ensure that their God given talents are exploited accordingly.

 Mukasa Nelson umutoza wa Car Free day Nelson Mukasa

Photos: Saddam Mihigo

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