At least 5 years Touring the World by Bike, Pascal arrives in Rwanda- Meet him here

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:13/11/2017
Pascal Bartschi was born in Switzerland. He has passed through at least 45 countries riding. For 5 years riding, Pascal aims to learn cultural lifestyles of different people on the globe.

Named it Malbec, the bike that he treats as his baby, helped him climb up cliff of mountains and navigate on vast swamps and go through impenetrable forests and deserts dried out. Started from the Lucens county whither he was spawned, the unmarried man went down to Italy, Greece, Turkey, China, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Argentine, Brazil, South Africa, Switzerland, Malawi, Mozambique, Lesotho, among other countries other than Rwanda on 8th November 2017.


The 37 years old has ridden about 90000km per 1832 days so far as revealed in an exclusive interview with Inyarwanda.com. He added that his family was reluctant to let him embark on the ride.

‘’ I would for the first time prioritize getting married and having the family. I used to thing that life was easy but the more my dream increased I had the better to make it come true. That is how I decided to leave it all behind and follow my heart. It was not easy at all but i had to feel the pain and let it go in order to cause my dream to happen and I don’t regret,’’ Said Pascal Bartschi.

 Pascal Bärtschi ageze ku Kiyaga cya Titicaca muri BoliviaHe was on the shore of Titicaca Lake in Bolivia

He added ‘’ I for once had dream to tour the world in a bid to meet different people with diverse culture, and learn about something bad and good on the earth. I started causing my dream to happen on my 32 years old, but most of all, I resorted to make it comes true riding my Malbec. ‘’

 He was in Colombia

Amazing experience he will never forget   

He said that he has met good hearted people and learned a lot about their culture, customer care and presented special thanks to well-wishers who tirelessly give their time and efforts to help him achieve the project he started for far of the days.

‘’ For when people ask me about it, I immediately flash back and remember hot sun that overheated me when I was standing on the peak of Kilimanjaro Mountain, in Japan or riding on the shore of Titikaka Lake based in Peru and I cannot let go of my experience in Bolivia,’’ he recalled.

He was in Lesotho

Despite good hearted people he has ever met in life the Lucens resident recalls unconducive moments as he is sometimes discouraged by some uncourteous people who stole his memory card that carried all the photos he had taken for one year but still he continued his tour.

When he arrives in the country he has to learn its language to better communicate with citizens, learn their culture and try their food.  In terms of money, he said that he has spent about $3500 for accommodation so far. He after Rwanda hope to continue his tour in Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Libya then head back to Switzerland where he began.

He was in USA

Pascal was born on 15th September 1980 in Switzerland, Lucens county. He speaks French, English, Spanish and German language. He is not yet married. His scope of study is Electricity and he has yet won any international award.                   

 Meet him here in an exclusive interview 

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