Rayon Sports Destroys Kirehe Fc

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:28/10/2017
Kirehe Fc seriously beaten 3-0 by Rayon Sports Fc on 4th day of match in the championship played at the Kigali Stadium this Saturday.

Kwizera Pierot challenged Cyuzuzo Ally until he found himself grabbing the ball like goalkeeper which granted Nahimana Shassir of Rayon Sports an opportunity to bombard serious shot in the goal and occasioned fans to soar high with excitement.

Rayon Sports yakinnye ituzuye (ifite abakinnyi 10) inyagira Kirehe FC-AMAFOTO

Usengimana Faustin was not late to up lift spectators again as he netted the second goal. Kirehe Fc players seemed powerless in the field since they were not able to derail Nova Bayama who scored the 3rd goal at 73min.

Kirehe Fc feared failure as they made consecutive substitutions to allow chances to decide.

Kirehe Fc: Nanfal Polidor substituted Hakorimana Hamad, Munyeshyaka Girbert replaced Kakira Suleiman and the Goalkeeper, Mbarushimana Emile was replaced by Habineza Samuel.

Ndikumana Hamad Katauti made some important replacement of Bimenyimana Bonfils Caleb, Irambona Eric Gisa and Manishimwe Djabel to give way for Tidiane Kone, Nova Bayama and Mugabo Gabriel to reshape the game.

The game marked with 14 cornel kicks of which Kirehe had to punish 2. And overall marks ranked as follows: Rayon Sports = 62% while Kirehe Fc =38%.

Rayon Sports yashatse igitego mu minota ya mbere Rayon Sports struggled for the goal in the first minutes of the game

Rayon Sports XI players: Ndayishimye Eric Bakame (GK, 1), Nyandwi Saddam 16, Eric Rutanga 3, Manzi Thierry 4, Usengimana Faustin 15, Niyonzima Olivier Sefu 21, Kwizera Pierrot 23, Nahimana Shassir 10, Bimenyimana Bonfils Caleb 7, Manishimwe Djabel 28 and Nova Bayama 24.

 11 ba Rayon Sports babanje mu kibuga

Kirehe FC XI players:  Mbarushimana Emile (GK18), Nkurikiye Jackson 3, Baraka Augustin 16, Karim Patient 14, Niyonkuru Vivien (C-8), Hakorimana Hamad 5, Mutabazi Isaie 17, Cyuzuzo Ally 4, Muhoza Tresor 9, Kakira Suleiman 10 and Jean Paul Uwimbabazi 7.

 11 ba Kirehe FC babanje mu kibugaMore Photos Abafana ba Rayon Sports bishimira igitego Rayon Sports Fans celebrated

Nyandwi Saddam myugariro w'iburyo muri Rayon Sports azamukana umupira Abakinnyi ba Rayon Sports bishimira igitego

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