Rwanda whip Egypt to win the 2017 AF-Para-volley Cup

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:18/09/2017
Rwanda women squad scored 3-0 against Egypt during the sitting volleyball final match played at Remera Stadium.


Rwanda dominated the whole game as they finished the first session winner with 25-14.

AF-Paravolley2017: U Rwanda (Abagore) rwatwaye igikombe cya Afurika rutsinze Misiri-AMAFOTO

They did not stop pressing up as the second part 25-20 score completed their first win. The 3rd saw wider difference of 25-10 because the winning confidence was augmenting as the game neared the last minutes.

Of the overall women contestant, Kenya finished 3rd after defeating 3-0 against DRC Congo whilst Morocco won the men squad title after edging 3-0 against Algeria.


Ikipe y'u Rwanda (Abagore) bishimira intsinzi


Rwanda women squad cerebrating the victory

Abafana b'u Rwanda


 Umukino w'u Rwanda na Misiri

Ikipe y'u Rwanda (Abagabo) yari yahageze mbere yo guhura na Misiri

Rwanda men's squad

Sibomana Placide bita Madison umukinnnyi mu ikipe y'igihugu ya Volleyball

Sibomana Placide as the senior player in the national  Volleyball team

Baririmbi indirimbo zubahiriza ibihugu byombi

Morocco (Abagabo) yatahanye umwanya wa 3 itsinze Algeria amaseti 3-0Morocco men's squad

Ikipe y'igihugu ya AlgeriaAlgeria

Photo credit: Sadam Mihigo/ Inyarwanda.com

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