Who is: Uwineza Hanani Creates her own record for Triathlon game

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:05/09/2017
This to many comes as a surprise considering the way this game seems new in Rwanda. One could wonder whether the new shining queen has ample skill to thrive to desired level to break the record of Triathlon in Africa.

The Triathlon awards winning young lady, Uwineza Hanani was born in Rubavu District, Gisenyi Sector exactly in Bugoyi cell. When appeared on the earth for the first time, she found herself in the family of three children namely, one brother and two sisters. TUBAMENYE: Uwineza Hanani umaze kuba indashyikirwa muri Triathlon

Heard of her unprecedented talent,Inyarwanda.com was mesmerized by her fast rising passion as we managed to get her seated for exclusive interview with her which made her want to open up about her love to the game.

She boldly answered each and every question here at the broad day light:  

Inyarwanda: Can you introduce yourself?

Uwineza: I am Uwineza Hanani, 22 years old. I play for Gisenyi Triathlon Club, I am doing Tourism at the private University of Tourism and Business (UTB) and I got to progress for level 3 next year.   

Inyarwanda: Where did you get motivation to get started with Triathlon?

Uwineza: At the beginning stage, I used to go swimming and riding for fun. when the game was introduced in the country, I was impressed and I couldn’t wait to embrace it.

Inyarwanda: when did you begin Triathlon as your career?

Uwineza: I got started to consider the game as my career in 2014.

Inyarwanda: Which round are you interested in?

Uwineza: I am interested in Sprint riding round covering 20km, 5km for Marathon and 750m Swimming.

Inyarwanda: What are your important achievements from 2014 now?

Uwineza: I remember I finished 3rd in Egypt racing and I went out to race in the neighboring country, the Goma town in 2015.

Inyarwanda: Where do you get motivation to keep surviving in this game?

Uwineza: Oh well, I think it is hereditary as my father is a karateka, so it gives us motivation to dare any kind of sporting.

Inyarwanda: Do you earn any profit out of your achievements?

Uwineza: I use all my awards and offers for memento and motivation to further my career.

Inyarwanda: Do your family support you stay in the game as female?

Uwineza: Of course they are not bored to see me hoisting the country’s flag higher and some of them are used to spurring me that I never let it down.

Inyarwanda: What does Triathlon help you stay focused in class?

Uwineza: My brain becomes fresher after Triathlon training and I go to preps with fresh mind to read and master everything in a second.

Inyarwanda: How do your classmates consider you?

Uwineza: None of my friend discourages me but they all give me a supporting hand.

Inyarwanda: What is your second favorite game after Triathlon?

Uwineza:  I like football match but I am not good at playing it.

Inyarwanda: What is your favorite football teams?

Uwineza: I support Etincelles Fc (Rwanda) and Barcelona Fc.

Inyarwanda: What is your favorite musician?

Uwineza: I like Nizzo from Urban Boyz (Rwanda) and Chris Brown.

Inyarwanda: What are the most challenges do you often encounter in Triathlon?

Uwineza: I am mostly challenged in water because it needs extra effort which can sometimes get you lose memory. It really grueling as I am supposed to embark on riding without break.

Inyarwanda: What is your message to other females who still fear to go racing?

Uwineza: I encourage every female interested to play down fear and come to walk with me in the journey of Triathlon as I seem to feel alone in Rwanda. No warry how late you might be because together we can make it.

Recall Triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines. While many variations of the sport exist, triathlon, in its most popular form, involves swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances


Uwineza Hanan yakinnye imikino mpuzamahanga

 Uwineza Hanani wins internationally

Uwineza ku igare    Uwineza Hanani  ridding 

Uwineza Hanan avuga ko yishimira umukino akina

Uwineza Hanani proud of her favorite game

Uwineza yemeza ko akunda imiririmbire ya Nizzo wo muri Urbana Boys na Chris Brown

Uwineza Hanani likes Nizzo music  performance

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