RRA WVc Wins 7th Volley ball game Title

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:04/09/2017
The Rwanda Women Authority Volleyball Club (RRA WVC) defeated the deserved victory after dragging down APR Women Volley Ball Club with a slap of 3-0 in the playoff yesterday at Remera NPC Stadium.

The RRA Women squad started the game with an impressive performance as they finished the first session winners while the rival was so dizzy with the game.

 VOLLEYBALL: RRA WVC yegukanye igikombe cya shampiyona 2016-2017-AMAFOTO

The second part one can say that it defined the game winner as APR WVC couldn’t dazzle the RRA WVC strength and determination in the playground. The 3rd slot put an end to the dreams of APR WVC to win the title as were not able to at least turn the time back to press for tiebreak. 

In overall the games, RRA previously saw off Ruhango Volleyball Club while APR VC defeated G.S St Aloys Vc.

RRA VC inaheruka gutwara igikombe mu irushanwa rya KAVC ryaberaga i Kampala

For men squad

 APR Vc 3-1 IPRC- South

Gisagara Vc up beat APR Vc whilst Kirehe Vc saw off IPRC-South

Kirehe Vc vs Gisagara Vc final game will be on the fire on 9 September at Gisagara game house.  


Abakunzi ba Volleyball

 Volleyball Fans

Service ya APR WVC


APR WVC isa naho imaze kwemera ko RRA VC ikomeye

APR WVC challenged by RRA VC 

Jean Bosco Ntihemuka (iburyo) umwe basifuzi bandikaga uko umukino uhagaze

The referee, Jean Bosco Ntihemuka (Right) 


RRA WVC notched up now  7 cups since they came into existence 

Peter Kamasa (ubanza iburyo) umutoza wungirije muri RRA VC

Peter Kamasa (right side) as RRAVc  assistant coach

RRA WVC na APR WVC nizo zikina umukino w'ishiraniro muri Volleyball y'abagore

Photo credit/ Iradukunda Desanjo/ Inyarwanda.com

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