2017 Peace Cup: Rayon Sports beat up Police Fc 2-0

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:19/06/2017
The Police Fc team was beaten by Rayon Sports 2 goals to zero during the opening match of the Peace Cup Championship for the 1st leg quarter that took place at Kicukiro stadium yesterday, Sunday.


The Police Fc coach, Seninga Innocent, who previously came up with new tactics in the field which helped him win 4-2 goals against Marines Fc in the match of final championship, did not make it yesterday as he was not able to avoid 2 goals defeat. Nahimana Shassir scored the first goal at 68’ and the second was complemented by Ndacyayisenga Jean d’ Amour at 89 min.

Peace Cup 2017: Police FC yatsinzwe na Rayon Sports mu mukino ubanza wa kimwe cya kane-AMAFOTO

Rayon Sports made 8 free kick mistakes whilst Police Fc committed 7. During the match, Rayon Sports got to punish 2 cornel kicks against Police Fc.

Muhire Kevin was penalized with a yellow card over the mistake he committed against, the Police Fc striker, Danny Usengimana at 38’.

Rayon Sports made substitutions where Nova Bayama was replaced by Tidiane Kone while Manishimwe Djabel replaced by Irambona Eric.  On the side of Police Fc, Songa Isaie substituted Biramahire Abedy.

Police Fc will get qualification for half-final leg if they score 3-0 goals in the payoff match due on Wednesday, 21st June 2017.

Jimmy Mbaraga helped Fc Marines draw with Espoir Fc 1-1 goal at Umuganda Stadium.

First players who opened the match for both sides

For Police Fc: Nzarora Marcel, Mpozembizi Mohammed, Muvandimwe Jean Marie Vianney, Umwungeri Patrick, Twagizimana Fabrice, Nizeyimana Mirafa, Ngendahimana Eric, Mushimiyimana Mohammed bita Meddy,, Imurora Japhet, Biramahire Abeddy and Usengimana Danny.

For Rayon Sports: Bashunga Abouba, Manzi Thierry, Munezero Fiston, Mugabo Gabriel, Ndacyayisenga Jean d’Amour Mayor, Muhire Kevin, Kwizera Pierrot, Nahimana Shassir, Manishimwe Djabel, Nshuti Savio Dominique and Tidiane Kone, who substituted.

 Sunday match outcome(18 June 2017)

-Police FC 0-2 Rayon Sports 

-FC Marines 1-1 Espoir FC 

Monday match schedule, 19th July 2017

-Amagaju FC vs AS Kigali (Nyamagabe, 15h30’)

-Bugesera FC vs APR FC (Nyamata, 15h30’)

 Check out photos

11 ba Police FC babanje mu kibuga

11 players for Police FC appeared in the field first

11 ba Rayon Sports babanje mu kibuga

11 players for  Rayon Sports ready to open the match 

Umwungeri Patrick myugariro wa Police FC inyuma ya Tidiane Kone rutahizamu wa Rayon Sports

Police Fc defender, Umwungeri Patrick behind the Rayon Sports striker,Tidiane Kone

 Manzi Thierry wa Rayon Sports azamukana umupira

Manzi Thierry of Rayon Sports moved up dribbling the ball

Nzarora Marcel umunyezamu wa Police FC atera ishoti ahereza bagenzi be

The Police Fc goalkeeper, Nzarora Marcel passing the ball to his fellow players

 Umwungeri Patrick inyuma ya Savio Nhsuti Dominique

Umwungeri Patrick behind Savio Nshuti Dominique

Biramahire Abedy na Munezero Fiston bakurikiye umupira

Biramahire Abedy with Munezero Fiston running for the ball

Bashunga Abouba yari yabanje mu izamu rya Rayon Sports

Bashunga Abouba appeared in the goal first as Rayon Sports goalkeeper

Umufana wa Rayon Sports

 Rayon Sports fan

Seninga  Innocent umutoza mukuru wa Police FC na Masud Djuma wa Rayon Sports ku murongo w'amabwiriza

The Police Fc  Senior coach, Seninga Innocent with Masud Djuma of Rayon Sports on the instruction line 

Nizeyimana Mirafa ukina hagati muri Police FC ategwa na Manishimwe Djabel wa Rayon Sports

The Police Fc midfielder, Nizeyimana Mirafa was put down by Manishimwe Djabel of Rayon Sports

Nizeyimana Mirafa yakomeje gukurikira umupira

Nizeyimana Mirafa continued to run for the ball

Twagizimana Fabrice bita Ndikukazi kapiteni mukuru wa Police FC akuraho umupira

Police Fc Senior Captain, Twagizimana Fabrice better known as Ndikukazi has the ball

Nahimana Shassir mu mugongo wa Kwizera Pierrot yishimira igitego

Nahimana Shassir, at the back of Kwizera Pierrot, celebrating the scored goal

Abafana ba Rayon Sports

 Rayon Sports fan bases

Imurora Japhet uri gukina imikino ye ya nyuma muri Police FC mbere yo kugana muri Eastern Sports of Hong Kong mu Bushinwa

Imurora Japhet of Police Fc will go to China soon to play for Eastern Sports of Hong Kong 

Ndacyayisenga Jean d'Amour bita Meya wanatsinze igitego cya kabiri ubwo yari agiye kunaga umupira

Ndacyayisenga Jean d'Amour, nicknamed, Mayor throwing the ball 

Abakinnyi ba Rayon Sports bishimira igitego cyatsinzwe na Ndacyayisenga Jean d'Amour

Rayon Sports players celebrating the goal scored by Ndacyayisenga Jean d'Amour

Abafana ba Rayon Sports bashimirwa nyuma y'umukino

 Rayon Sports Fans were appreciated on their relentless courage at the end of the match


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