FERWAFA president reaches Morocco to put an end to infrastructure development plans

Posted By: Rutayisire Patience - On:05/06/2017
The Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) president Nzamwita Vincent started his week-long visit to Morocco today on the invitation of Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) president and CAF Executive Committee Member Fouzi Lekjaa.


The visit will see FERWAFA president Nzamwita and his counterpart FRMF president Lekjaa finalise plans of implementing the existing infrastructure development partnership between the two federations.

This new partnership includes the development of infrastructures namely FERWAFA hotel and regional stadia in bid to improve the development of football in Rwanda.

The FERWAFA president is expected to also meet the management of Coter Terhrazaz Construction company which will oversee the construction of the different stadiums to be constructed in each interested district of the country.

Coter Terhrazaz Construction company has constructed 63 artificial stadiums in Morocco and five natural grass. They are now in plans to construct forty more stadiums.

In April, a delegation from Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) was in Rwanda to launch this partnership in a meeting which attracted different government officials at Kigali Marriott Hotel.

The initiative of constructing more football infrastructure in Rwanda received huge backing as district mayors and other stakeholders endorsed the blueprint which comes as an additional step in developing the sport in the country.

Nzamwita Vincent

Ferwafa President, Nzamwita Vincent de Gaule

The meeting looked at the plan of having the Federation Royal Marocaine de Football (FRMF) construct cost-effective stadiums in each district at an affordable long term repayment plan.

Participants were briefed on the different stadia that would be constructed in depending on the need of each district or government agency and the repayment plan.

FERWAFA and FRMF have had warm relationship since 2015 that has seen Rwandan benefit from different exchange programmes of technical and administrative staff, hosting of national and club teams from either country by the other, training camps, sharing football knowledge, and offering extensive and advanced medical treatment to injured national team players.


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