Rayon Sports draws 1-1 with APR Fc after winning Azam Rwanda league Title

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The Azam Rwanda league best winner in this year, Rayon Sports team drew 1-1 score in a match with APR fc yesterday, Sunday 28 May 2017, on the 29th day of Azam Rwanda league championship that took place at Kigali Stadium.


Despite being the 29th day of the Azam Rwanda league Championship, Rayon Sport Team played the match just to boom its points to 70 as it has made a record to snatch the cup by beating up Mukura Victory Sport in the delayed match of 24th day of the championship.

 Amafoto aherekejwe n'incamake y'ibyaranze umukino Rayon Sports yaguyemo miswi na APR FC


APR Fc strived to win an open up goal through its player, Issa Bigirimana, on 38th minute of the first round of the match which was in turn paid off on 48’ by Tidiane Kone of Rayon Sport team.

During the match, Rayon Sport missed 8 chances to score goals while APR Fc was not able to convert 6 opportunities, they had, into goals. In the Match, Rayon Sport did not get to win any goal from all 5 colonel kicks whereas APR got only 1 Colonel kick in the whole match. Rayon Sport made 11 free kick mistakes which enabled APR Fc to punish them. And vice versa, Rayon Sport punished APR fc for 10 free kicks.

Rayon Sport performance was wonderful up to 59% pressing APR Fc out of the ball in the pitch while APR Fc notched only 41% room for keeping the ball in their control field.

Both the Rayon Sport players, Manishimwe Djabel and Kakule Mugeni Fabrice made faults that backfired them a yellow card for each. There were made two substitutions, which one of, Hakizimana Muhadjili replaced Nshimiyimana Imran whilst Nshuti Innocent substituted Issa Bigirimana. And Lomami Frank replaced Titiane Kone, who thrashed APR Fc to draw with Rayon sport.

Rayon Sport team has won the Azam Rwanda League championship tittle and tops number one of all teams in Rwanda with 70 points whereas Police Fc comes second with 58 points and APR Fc remains on 3rd place with 57 points.

Players who went first in the pitch

Rayon Sports:Ndayishimiye Eric Bakame (GK, C), Manzi Thierry, Mugabo Gabriel, Nsengiyumva Moustapha, Mugheni Kakule Fabrice, Savio Nshuti Dominique, Manishimwe Djabel, Kwizera Pierrot, Niyonzima Olivier Sefu, Mutsinzi Ange Jimmy and Tidiane Kone.

APR FC:Kimenyi Yves (GK), Rusheshangoga Michel ©, Nshimiyimana Imran, Bizimana Djihad, Mukunzi Yannick, Imanishimwe Emmanuel, Issa Bigirimana, Rugwiro Herve, Tuyishime Eric, Nsabimana Aimable and Nkizingabo Fiston.

 Have a  close look at pictures down here

11 ba Rayon Sports11  players for Rayon Sports Team 

11 ba APR FC babanje mu kibuga11 Players for APR FC team who appeared in the field first

Abafana ba APR FC                  APR FC fans 

Tuyishime Eric wa APR FC  yakinnye umukino w'ishiraniro

Tuyishime Eric, for APR FC, played harder 

Abafana ba Rayon Sports

Rayon Sports' Fanbases

Manishimwe Djabel azamukana umupira ashaka inzira

Manishimwe Djabel went up with the ball 

Kimenyi Yves wakijije ibitego byinshi yongeye kugarurira ikizere abafana ba APR FC

Kimenyi Yves, who saved the gaol not once, rekindled the hope in APR FC's fanbases

Rugwiro Herve myugariro wa APR FC

                          The APR Fc defender, Rugwiro Herve

Nshimiyimana Imran azmura ikiganza atumva neza ingamba z'umusifuzi

Nshimiyimana Imran who rises the hand up, was confused with the referee's decision

Igitego cya Rayon Sports cyatsinzwe na Tidiane Kone

Tidiane Kone scored the goal for Rayon Sports team

Kwizera pierrot azamukana umupira asanga abakinnyi ba APR FC

Kwizera pierrot dribled the ball confidently towards APR FC players

Masud Djuma umutoza mukuru wa Rayon Sports

The Senor Coach of Rayon Sport, Masud Djuma 

Mugheni Fabrice 17 yitambika Bizimana Djihad wari uteye ishoti

Mugheni Fabrice, number 17, saved the gaol 


Gukuba akabero

           They had a seat for breack             

Mutsinzi  Ange Jimmy myugariro wa Rayon Sports yikuraho umupira

The Defender of Rayon sports team, Mutsinzi  Ange Jimmy passes the ball

Issa Bigirimana watsindiye APR FC ku munota 38'

Issa Bigirimana scored a gaol for APR FC at roughly 38th minute of the match

Sitade ya Kigali

 Kigali Stadium outlook

Niyonzima Olivier Sefu abangamirwa na Sekamana Maxime  Sekamana Maxime struggled Niyonzima Olivier Sefu in the field


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