Rwanda’s First lady with the Kenya’s Margaret Kenyatta had best times to Run for Peace Marathon in Kigali

Posted By: Rutayisire Patience - On:22/05/2017
The Rwandas First lady, Jeannette Kagame along with her fellow Kenyas First Lady, Mrs Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta made wonderful performance to cover roughly 9.5 kilometers on foot while Running for Peace Marathon in Kigali yesterday on 21st May 2017.


The two countries first ladies surpassed the 7 expected kilometers to have been covered for yesterday slot in the Run for Peace Marathon that took place at Amahoro Stadium. They both added 2.5 kilometers that impressed other people who come for the Run for Peace Marathon in Kigali.


 RUN FOR PEACE: Madame Jeannete Kagame na mugenzi we Margaret Kenyatta bakoze urugendo rwa 7 km - AMAFOTO


The Rwanda’s Minister of Sports and Culture, Uwacu Julienne expressed gratitude and thanked the two countries’ first Ladies for their courageous commitment and love for sporting games and she eventually told them to come again and participate since the door to Sports in Rwanda is wide open for them.


Mu nzira bagenda

While in the road walking

The Minister therefore appreciated The President of the Republic of Rwanda, H.E Paul Kagame for his relentless contribution to promote Sporting games and shape its value in the minds of people.


Biruka begerereje gusoza (Sprint)

 They ran too fast at the end

Ubwo Madame Jeannette Kagame yari agiye gutanga ibihembo ku bakinnyi batatu ba mu gice cya Marato mu bagabo

Mrs. Jeannette Kagame in the way to the Awarding ceremony for the best winners

Madame Jeannette Kagame (hagati) na Uwacu Julienne (iburyo) bategereje hguhemba abitwaye neza (Abagabo) muri Marathon

   Rwanda's First Lady ready to offer awards

Madame Jeannette Kagame ategereje ko umwanya ugera akambika imidali abitwaye neza (Abagabo) mu ntera ya kilometero 42 (Full Marathon)

The Rwanda's first lady awaiting to award men for their winning slots

Madame Jeannette Kagame yambika umudali (Zahabu) Chumba Gilbert Kipletting (Kenya) watwaye marato mu bagabo

The Rwanda's First lady crowned Chumba Gilbert Kipletting from Kenya , for winning men's slot, the golden Medal 

Madame Margaritte Kenyatta yitegura kujya guha ibihembo abakinnyi (Abakobwa) bahize abandi mu cyiciro cya kilometero 42 (Full Marathon)

The Kenya's First lady now ready to crown the women's slot winner for 42 full Marathon 

Madame Margaritte Kenyatta yambika umudali Rutto Beatrice Jepkorir (Kenya) wahize abandi bakobwa muri marato

Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta is crowning Rutto Beatrice Jepkorir from Kenya as the female best winner 

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