Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Rwanda

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:11/06/2018
The Chinese President, Xi Jinping is expected to visit Rwanda next month following his fellow President Kagame stopped by Great Hall of the People in China on 17th March this year.

China and Rwanda are set to experience even deeper bilateral relations this year, the Chinese envoy to Rwanda has said. Amb. Rao said the two countries cooperate in various areas, including mining, industrialisation, infrastructure and people-to-people exchanges.

President Kagame Visited China

He said the bilateral ties will grow even stronger this year, including potentially through high-level visits by top Rwandan leaders to China and more visits . “This year will mark a big year for our bilateral relations,” the Chinese envoy said.

Last year, a delegation from the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) paid a three-day visit to Rwanda and exchanged ideas with their RPF-Inkotanyi counterparts aiming at building capacities for members of both parties as well as deepen relations.

Upcoming projects

Amb. Rao said his government will be involved with the expansion of Masaka Hospital in Kicukiro District, which has long enjoyed support from the Chinese.

He added that they will also support the setting up of wells to ease the access to clean water for more Rwandans.

The envoy also pointed out that China was looking forward to start works on a new road linking the City of Kigali to the proposed Bugesera airport, which is currently under construction with the first phase of works set for completion mid next year.

RwandAir flights to China

The Chinese ambassador also said that, with the national carrier, RwandAir, scheduled to launch flights to Guangzhou, China around June this year, the people of both countries will benefit from the bilateral ties even more.

He said the Chinese government sees more of people-to-people exchange as a way of further enhancing the relationship between the two countries.

An estimated 1,100 Rwandan students currently study in China, mainly in science and technology-related disciplines, the envoy said.

Cooperation between China and Africa has grown significantly in recent years and it was further boosted by President Xi Jinping’s pledge of $60 billion to Africa under the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in December 2015.

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