Rwanda's Minister of Foreign Affairs among Stromae's relatives

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In the quest to trace Stromae's lineage in Rwanda, Inyarwanda.com has done some studies on the Belgian-Rwandan Paul Van Haver's family relatives from his father's descent.

Stromae was born on March 12, 1985 from Rwandan father; architect Pierre Rutare who died during 1994 Rwandan Genocide and a Belgian mother Miranda Marie van Haver. Stromae’s parents met when his father was studying in Belgium but they broke after.

Stromae’s relatives on the list are Rwanda’s famous people – from Beauty Queens, Radio personalities to politicians. Louise Mushikiwabo, Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation emerges one of them, but in extended ancestries.

Here is a list of 10 of Rwandan famous people who are Stromae’s relatives:

1. Ibrahim Cyusa


Ibrahim Cyusa is a Rwandan traditional dancer; a member of Inganzo Ngari – the Rwandan traditional dance group. Ibrahim Cyusa is Stromae’s half brother. He is the son of Pierre Rutare, but from another wife he married after separating from Stromae’s mother.

People around Cyusa told Inyarwanda.com that he, for so long, was tracing his half brother, even before Stromae rose to stardom. Last Sunday, when Stromae was meeting his family in Rwanda, Cyusa erupted in ecstatic tears for meeting his long lost brother. 

Murumuna wa Stromae witwa Cyusa we byaramurenze amarira arashoka

Cyusa crying in Stromae's chest after meeting him for the first time

 2. Miss Vanessa Uwase Raissa

Vanessa Uwase Raissa is Miss Rwanda 2015 first Runner-up. Miss Vanessa is Stromae’s paternal cousin, as Stromae’s father Pierre Rutare is Vanessa’s paternal uncle.

Miss Uwase Vanessa na musaza we Stromae. Se wa Stromae avukana na se wa Miss Vanessa

Miss Vanessa Uwase with his cousin Stromae and Ibrahim Cyusa last sunday

Miss Vanessa was for long impatient to welcome Stromae home, from the first time Stromae was announcing his concert in Kigali back in June.

3. MC Murenzi


Murenzi Kamatari, Rwandan radio personality who became popular as MC Murenzi/MC Nzi on Contact FM is one of Stromae’s relatives. Murenzi’s father is Pierre Rutare’s cousin. This implies that, Murenzi and Stromae are second cousins.

4.  MC Wamamaye


Contact FM presenter, MC Wamamaye is known locally as a Hip Hop show presenter. He is Murenzi’s young brother; i.e. he is Stromae’s second cousin too.

5.  BzB The Brain


BZB The Brain is a Rwandan music producer. About the relationship with Stromae, BzB and Stromae are second cousins, as BzB’s mother is Pierre Rutare’s cousin.

 6. Dj Khaled


DJ Khaled, a Contact FM presenter who rose to prominence in 2006 on the rise of new wave of New School Hip Hop, is BzB’s young brother; that is, he is also Stromae’s second cousin.

 7. Bizimana Ramadhan a.k.a Spikey

Radio presenter, rapper and actor known internationally for Kivu Ruhorahoza’s Things of Aimless Wanderer as African stalker. Spikey is BzB and DJ Khaled’s young brother. This implies that he is Stromae’s second cousin too.

 8. Albert Rudatsimburwa


Media House owner and Jazz Singer, Albert Rudatsimburwa is known as the boss of Contact FM. His relationship with Stromae is based on his wife Umwali Fanny’s family. Albert’s wife is Pierre Rutare’s niece. This means that Albert is married to Stromae’s first cousin.

9.  OG The General


Belgium based Rwandan rapper; OG The General is Albert Rudatsimburwa and Fanny Umwali’s first son. This means that, OG The General is Stromae’s second cousin.

 10. Louise Mushikiwabo

Louise Mushikiwabo, Rwanda’s minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation is counted in Stromae’s relatives but in extended descents. Pierre Rutare, Stromae’s biological father is in the same lineage with Louise Mushikiwabo, which implies their extended family relationship.


Rwanda's minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

On Friday October 16, one day before his concert in Kigali, Minister Louise Mushikiwabo twitted a warm welcome note to Stromae stating that, “From extended family, a special warm welcome home to @Stromae; exceptional talent and a big heart! #Rwanda #StromaeKigali.”

Watch Stromae setting Kigali ablaze in historic concert in Kigali last weekend;



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