Makanyaga Abdoul spreads Awareness on Solar through his Music

Posted By: Manirakiza Theogene - On:26/09/2014
During a chat with one of Rwandas famous local artists, Makanyaga Abdoul, he went down memory lane retelling the story of how growing up, if a family didnt have enough money to buy kerosene for the day; they would go without any light. Worst case is, when they did get it, they would wake up with so much soot in their nose to say the least.

Today 18% of Rwandan homes are connected to electricity and all the homes that don’t have electricity are using kerosene and candles for light.  This is unhealthy, bad for the environment, and expensive for the homes as 20% of a household’s income goes to these lighting expenses.

Makanyaga Abdoul

Makanyaga Abdoul 

The GoR aims to have all homes connected to electricity as part of Vision 2020 and recently opened the biggest solar plant in East Africa in the Eastern part of the country in an endeavor to achieve this.

Makanyaga says that he resorted to the use of solar lighting as he believes that it is a much better option as opposed to kerosene and candles and urges all Rwandans to at least give it a try if any be skeptical and say “bye bye darkness” in a cost effective manner. He also said it is a more reliable source especially since the sun has always been and will always be available unlike Hydro Electric Power that is highly dependent on water levels.

In raising awareness of solar energy, Makanyaga in collaboration with Great Lakes Energy and other local artists have started the Solar Music Project and written, recorded and produced a couple of songs such as “Akira Urumuri” and “Urumuri Rwaje.” They believe music is great medium to spread a good message.

Makanyaga is one of the best rwandan artistes

Makanyaga is one of the best rwandan singers

Studies have also shown that candles and kerosene lamps are not a healthy option as stated by WHO, noting that mostly women and children in impoverished areas face a higher risk of indoor pollution from all the emission of soot and black carbon that can lead to heart disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections. 


Luckily, with Sun King Solar lamps, we can move toward achieving the goal for a global health impact that will improve the standards of living of many. That is why we have decided to reach out to as many people as can be through an irresistible means, great music.


Manirakiza Théogène

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Poetaferina: Sep 29th 2014, 12:33
Keep this muzee Makanyaga, this is a great idea for sure ,by using solar energy our environment is protected and save our lives from dangerous gases like kerosene .I appreciate the songs.

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