Miss Rwanda 2014 Colombe Akiwacu invited to New York by UN secretary Ban Ki Moon

Posted By: Inyarwanda - On:20/09/2014
Its all due to her environmentalism that Miss Rwanda 2014 Colombe Akiwacu was graced an invitation direct from UN secretary Ban Ki-moon, on the occasion to attend the conference which is due in New York at UN Headquarters for environment protection.

Confirmed by the self Miss Rwanda, in recent interview with Inyarwanda.com, she is ready to fly from Kigali International Airport to New York midnight this Saturday September 20th, where she will be attending the conference about Climate Change and the ways to fight against it and its consequences. The conference is to take place Tuesday, September 23 at UN Headquarters in New York.

Akiwacu Colombe, Miss Rwanda 2014

Akiwacu Colombe, Miss Rwanda 2014

“It’s due to the project that I jointed with Rwanda Youth Alliance for Climate Actions (RYACA), a Rwandan environmental youth activists organization destined to fight the Climate Change that I’ve been given a such invitation strait from Ban Ki Moon, for attending this conference which will study on the issues of Climate Change and measures to be taken for fighting it. I will fly midnight this Saturday September 20th straight to New York to attend this conference.” Miss Rwanda confirms her invitation to attend this conference during interview with Inyarwanda.com.

The fact that she is the environmental activist and she struggles to make the world more safe as its inhabitant, attracted her to work with RYACA, a-US Rwanda Embassy and UN partner on this issue, in order to contribute to the conservation of environment, and this is the same project which gave her the opportunity to be one of UN Secretary invitees.

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