"When you want something you work hard until you get it", - Miss Akineza Carmen

Posted By: Inyarwanda - On:10/02/2014
Carmen Akineza aged 22 after having crowned as Miss Kigali city for Miss Rwanda 2014, on Saturday Feb /8/2014, at the petit stade, provides a message that When you want something you struggle until you get it.

Akineza is among 15 girls who were selected from different parts of the country to compete for Miss Rwanda 2014.

This is the second time Akineza struggling to become Miss Rwanda, for her first time, she beats around the bush beacuse she was eliminated at the final stage of voting Miss Kigali. "This time I have hope of becoming Miss Rwanda because I have strong will, ability and I know what it takes to become miss.


Akineza Carmen in the middle, Miss Kigali with first and second runner.


Makuza Lauren the head of organizing commitee and the director of culture in culture and sport Ministry giving Miss Akineza the gift.


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