"Christopher's dream has come true" says producer Clement

Posted By: Inyarwanda - On:10/02/2014
Christopher Muneza R $B singer is going to launch his first album titled "Habona" on February 15 /2014 at Kigali Serena Hotel. Producer Clement Ishimwe from Kina music studio emphasized that Christopher's dream in music has come true.

“In 2009 I organized a competition titled talent detection with the aim of getting younger artists with talent, Christopher emerged the best by then he was young  at 15 years old” said Clement.

Clement  said that  he was surprised by the Talent Of Christopher at the age of 15, and that now he has no doubt on hist best level in music.

"Based on the period I have stayed with Christopher, his character makes me happy to see him launching his first  album",Clement added.


  Producer Clement in studio.


Christopher performing.


The album has 10 songs such as Ndabyemeye, Uwo Munsi, Uwo ninde and Ndabyemeye among others.


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