Danny and Dj Zizou accused of gambling Rwf 200,000 from a business man

Posted By: Triphomus Muyagu - On:08/02/2014
Nyundo, a trader from Biryongo accuses the Upcoming rapper Danny Ntakirutimana, aka Danny Nanone and Dj zizou for having refused to pay his money after having lent them Clothes in 2013, up to now they have failed to pay him.

“You might ask why some Rwandan  artistes look  smart  in photographs, they come here and use my clothes but they don’t want to pay, look at Danny and Dj zizou they have refused to pay me, I want them to pay my money” said Nyundo.

When they don’t pay him, he is likely to take another step, now the money has mounted to Rfr 200,000, no single money have received yet he said.

Dj zizou after having collaborated with Danny to   get clothes from Nyundo, he is regretting why he made this deal along with Danny.


The clothes Danny took.


Danny and his friend if they don't pay money for those clothes they are like to be sued.

“The man wants his money and we have stayed long with his clothes and when I tell Danny to pay the money he doesn’t  care, when I call him on telephone he doesn’t answer me”, said Dj Zizou.

Zizou    Zizou is in danger.

Danny and his fans

 Danny with his fans as is waited to pay the money to the business man. 

Triphomus Muyagu

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