Know more about life in one of Kigali city suburb Nyarutarama - "Bannyahe"

Posted By: Triphomus Muyagu - On:07/02/2014
Residents of Nyarutarama, Remera sector, Gasabo district are not happy with the name of their living place known as Bannyahe.(Where to defecate).

Iyarwanda .com visited this place and interviewed some residents of this place and  they mentioned that, they are totally unhappy with the name of this place.

 The name, makes them feel ashamed. basing on the vision of the country, that name is not suitable for  that place, mean while  as the  country is  struggling  for putting much effort in  hygiene and self reliance  said residents.

When you move around this place you find many people doing business selling different kind of things such as food and drinks commodities at affordable price.

“Some people might assume that people who stay in this place have no latrines or being unhygienic, that is not the case really that name is not good”. Said Vedaste Ntawukoriryayo business man there.

Anonciata Mukaderevu aged 40 a business woman from that place "I am unhappy with the name of this place ,when my children are at school their fellow friends abuse them that they lack latrines and yet we have the latrines. this is unfair “she said.

“When I am in the vehicle going somewhere it is very hard for me to answer some one on the phone that I am in “Bannyahe” this name should be chanded”  said Anonciata Mukaderevu.


   The road tha goes to Bannyahe.

BannyaheSome houses in Bannyahe


Beans for selling



Business in Bannyahe


Triphomus Muyagu

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