Uncle Austin to air out what happened to him after having detained

Posted By: Triphomus Muyagu - On:07/02/2014
Uncle Austin, known in songs such as "Turi umuyaga, Ibihe byose and Nzakwizirikaho among others", after having been detained, now he is going to air out what happened to him when he was in the jail.

The information about what happened to Austin, while he was in the cell, he has composed a song about it , and soon he is going to release that song , he said.

“I have learnt  a lesson, from what I saw  when I was on detention at Kicukiro, the whole story about what happened to me in the cell  is in  the song that I have composed” said Austin.

The name of the song which describes the condition Austin passed through when he was in the cell is called “UMWERE”, backing from the cell he went home singing it because he enjoyed the composition, soon it will be released he added.

“I call upon my fans and for Ben Kayiranga to support us especially in Salax Awards 2013-2014.”




 Uncle Austin in Salax Awards 2013 is in Best Male Afrobeat contestant  and his friend Ben Kayiranga is in best Diaspora contestant. And Austin is calling upon his fans to support them, he said .


Ben and Austin  Ben and Austin

Uncle Austin's song, listen it here



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