Disability is not inability; Patrick Mbarushimana, a University student

Posted By: Triphomus Muyagu - On:06/02/2014
Patrick Mbarushimana known as Puzzle aged 23, is a first year student at CBE former SFB, despite the fact that he has no hands, this has not stopped him from reaching on his dreams. He can do sports, sing and other developmental work like all human beings.

"I have never regretted to how God created me, because what other people does, I am able to do so, I am studying very well ,I get good marks and I am not ashamed of how I am” said Patrick.

 You can’t imagine how Patrick uses a telephone and write, yet without hands.

“With the help of God you can do ever thing you want when you have hope of making a difference”,   he added.

“I don’t agree with beggars and I can’t go on street to beg, I can do everything but the only difficulty thing with myself is  bathing and washing clothes but my friends at school they help me in washing  my clothes” said Patrick.

Though he goes on with studies,  he is now a musician with four audio songs and he is doing Bachelors in Business and Administration (BBA) at CBE, he narrated.


He can remove a pen from his pocketPatrick pen from his pocket.






  Patrick   can use aphone.




Patrick Patrick can write using apen










Mbarushimana is an artist with four audio songs.

Triphomus Muyagu





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kalinganire charles: Jan 7th 2016, 21:28
i sturdied with you at Gahini Shinning

kalinganire charles: Jan 7th 2016, 21:26
oh my God Mr.Patrick how are u doing i sturdied with yoy

Annonymous: Feb 7th 2014, 11:43
You are right.

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