"I do not plan concerts in Kigali yet, apart from up- country,"says Dominic Nic

Posted By: Triphomus Muyagu - On:06/02/2014
Rwandan gospel artiste Dominic Nic says, that he has no concerts to perform in Kigali this year apart from up-countries.

Following Dominic Nic music plan, he will start from Northern Province Musaze district, in the concert called “Glory to Glory Tour 2014”. he said.

“People from Musanze district have been having a hard time to find where to buy my CDS and DVDS, let them get ready to buy them at affordable price” Dominic Nic added.

"Glory to Glory Tour 2014", Dominic Nic will be performing with another gospel artist Patient Bizimana. he will not only perform in Musaze district, but also he is ready to cross other provinces of the country, he said.

“Residents of Musanze district should not miss this chance, let them get ready to praise and worship God. The first concert in Musanze district will take place on 09/03/2014” said Dominic Nic. Dominic NicDominic Nic performing.


Dominic Niche will across the whole country in publicizing his album.

Triphomus Muyagu

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